While some conditions can be cured, some conditions unfortunately don’t have cures yet. In this scenario, the kindest option is to do what we can to keep our pet comfortable while they still have a good quality of life. This is where hospice care comes into play.

For each pet needing hospice care, we will work with you to determine the best plan to keep them as comfortable as possible. Sometimes this involves injections, sometimes medication, sometimes diet modification or other options. We will review your pet’s medical record, listen to your concerns, and perform a comprehensive exam before discussing the options that are available with you to determine the best option for your pet. We will also discuss how to gauge your pet’s quality of life and when the quality is no longer adequate.  We can also provide end of life care.

Please call, text, or email to setup an appointment with one of our compassionate veterinarians so they can work with you to evaluate your pet’s quality of life and discover what we can do to help.


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Monday – Friday
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